Professional vs. big box store prints.

Is there really a difference? If the digital file looks great it won’t matter where I print, right? Well… yes and no. You will be getting top notch digital files that will print nicely anywhere. BUT, my years as a print graphic designer taught me that solid digital art means nothing if you take it to a mediocre printer. There are so many variables… the software they use, the age of their equipment, digital vs. press, even the brand of their ink… can all lead to different results. When I decided to go into photography I searched high and low and tested my digital files with many different print labs knowing this. The labs I currently partner with use the best archival inks and papers – meaning the prints you get from me will last decades without fading or peeling, and the colors and contrasts are exactly what I planned for them to be. Drugstore or Big Box photo labs just don’t care. They won’t call to tell you if your cropping or contrast doesn’t look right. Mine does. Bottom line – your digital files will look great no matter where you choose to print them. But they will look stellar, and stand the that test of time which you invested money in hiring a professional for, if you choose to print through a pro lab. As a comparison here are some samples to give you a better visual: