Hussein & Fatima - Windsor Wedding Photographer


For Hussein & Fatima's session we headed to our favourite place to photograph, the Canadian Club.  We had your typical Windsor spring weather (or what we've come to know as spring around here) a little rain, cold wind and maybe a few sun rays from time to time.  Regardless of the unpredictable climate we could count on one thing, and that was for these two, who are clearly deeply in love to brave any element to be with each other.  These two bring out the best smiles in one another.  Their adorable connection is what most people would call "couple goals".  While their religious ceremony to celebrate their marriage was done on a previous day, today was the day to celebrate the rest of their lives together and what a kick off it was!

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These two are classics in every way.

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Hussein made his solo entrance with his boys ready and waiting to get the party started.

_DSC4081 2Fatima made her super graceful entrance with her father by her side. F&H_wedding0383

F&H_wedding0387There's that smile that they bring out in each other.  You can tell that to them in that moment, there's nobody else but the two of them.

_DSC4209 2


Check out our youtube channel we'll be updating with video slideshows of just some of our wonderful couples.