Troy & Nevianna - Windsor Wedding Photographer


Troy & Nevianna have been long time friends of ours.  We've shared many laughs, made some awesome memories and we've had the pleasure of watching their family grow over the years with their two beautiful children.  Not long ago I got a text from Nevianna asking us to be a part of their wedding ceremony in a couple weeks.  I was happy and a bit surprised at the suddenness and she told me that they've decided to elope and wanted us to capture their wedding vows.  It was truly an honour!  So, on a gorgeous Wednesday evening we met them and their witnesses at one of Windsor's river front parks and got to see them say their vows to one another.  Everybody got teary eyed as the sun was setting and these two said I do.  It was so romantic and just perfect for them.  It brought back the simplicity of what two people uniting really means.  No elaborate wedding gown, no fancy shoes or suit and tie, just the two of you, God and a little sun. It was one of the most magical one hour wedding sessions I've attended/captured. I know you both have thank us but we wanted to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for including us in this magical evening!

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