Diane & Scott - Destination Wedding Photographer


Jamaica illustrates everything that I love about nature. If you know me you that I love the sun, temperatures over seventy degrees, the wind, and any island in general.  When I go to these places I realize how much I miss it. I miss the light.  I miss how the sun sets last for what seems like hours. Living in the city and trying to capture the sun set is like a rush to pure darkness.  On this beautiful island the light fades so slowly to sunset that there is ample time to take advantage of it for portraits. It was wonderful to travel back to the Grand Palladium in Jamaica.  This was a spot Ferah and I visited a year ago for another destination wedding and said we would definitely be back.   It was only icing on the cake when a couple like Diane & Scott decided to bring us down there with them.  Fun, warm, and welcoming, Diane & Scott created a destination wedding for their guests that was intimate, inviting and the perfect getaway.  The love these two share for each other and for each others families is something that makes them the wonderful people they are.  What a pleasure it was to capture that romance in a heavenly place.  Their complete trust in me allowed the day to go by very smoothly.  They were willing to do whatever it took to capture the stunning scenery around them and capture it we did!  Spending nine days with these guys was so much fun and a trip that will go down in our books as one of the most memorable ones.  Thank you for making us a part of it all!


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