Kristen & Mike - Windsor Wedding Photographer


Winter has been long, very long.  As much as well look forward to the warm sunny days there is a certain kind of beauty our winters bring.  Weather it's a snowy day or a foggy day you can find beauty in anything.   Kristen and Mike's wedding was no exception.  It was a heavy foggy day that lasted all day.  We were lucky enough to be out the in the county to experience it and it was beautiful.  Between the "accessories" Mike had and Kristen's Allure blush ball gown the daywas a perfect representation of the two of them.  Here are some highlights from their wedding day.


The manliest accessories...



Just about the prettiest ballgown there is by Allure from Bridal Couture in Windsor.


So happy she kept the tree!




Took a few moments with Kristen to create some bridal portraits.  She is such a doll!

K+M_Wedding_0091_1 K+M_Wedding_0148


The bride wanted to show her groom she can still get in the mud on her wedding day!


Just love the reaction of her guests.

K+M_Wedding_0217 K+M_Wedding_0230

It doesn't matter how many weddings I photograph I find the ceremony always so special. This is what it's all about.  That moment you finally become husband and wife.


The bride and groom in their chariot.


That beautiful fog I mentioned.  We only had about a half our of daylight after the ceremony so we took advantage of the short time we had outdoors.


We ended up at a family friends barn that was all set up for us.


What happened when the chicken and turkey crossed the road? They wanted to be in the bridal portraits of course.


He was hoping to the best man...


K+M_Wedding_0431 K+M_Wedding_0441

These two are just so comfortable with each other.  You can tell it took little to no effort to just be in each others arms. Perfection!

K+M_Wedding_0447 K+M_Wedding_0456 K+M_Wedding_0457 K+M_Wedding_0481 K+M_Wedding_0512 K+M_Wedding_0582

Now the winter is coming to an end but I'm sure this day will be remembered as a warm and loving day in your memories forever!  Thank you for having us document these moments in your lives.