Kristina and Peter

I have to tell you how the first date went for these two!  They met in high school at the age of 16 and Pete was determined to show her the best!  He decided to take her to one of the best steak restaurants in the city (what 16 year old boy takes his date to a steak restaurant right?).  So he picked her up and off they went.  Once the dinner was over Pete excused himself and immediately called his friend and now best man at his wedding.  The first thing he told him was I think I'm in love, I'm gonna marry this girl.  His friend asks "why" Pete: "she finished the entire steak!"  Such a cute story and even better to have the people in your life who have seen your relationship through the years standing right next to you. We had photographed Pete and Kristina's engagement last year where Pete shared his love for plane's and the story of how he proposed to Kristina flying over the city.  It was amazing photographing these two, everything seemed to come so naturally and the wedding day was no different!  It was almost as if the perfect light was following them all day long.

Thank you guys for having us be a part of your day and for sharing your stories!