New Things..

With the decision to change our logo came the decision to change our color scheme, then we decided to change our entire website.  Let me just say, it was a HUGE task that I didn't know what I got myself into before it was too late.  So I figured why not add some more different things to what it is we do for our fans.  In come the articles section of our site. You're going to be hearing from me, Ferah for the most part.  Ahmad will occasionally pop in and give you some of his advice or share his secrets with you.  

For those of you that have met us you already know that Ahmad is the artist behind every photo but what you'll notice that works for us is my perspective as well.  We always collaborate with every single shoot.  You know the saying, 'opposites attract' well Ahmad and I are a true testament to that. Not to say we don't have a lot in common, we definitely do!  Visually we both see things a little differently and we are always challenging each other with unique ideas and pushing ourselves to do better then previously done before.  I adore pretty things, I love different things.  If it's something that isn't seen often and not everybody has then I want it! I guess to simplify it when it comes to how we deal with photography its as simple as I see the world with a feminine eye and Ahmad sees it with a masculine eye and together you have US.


xoxo Stay Smiling!

ahmad taam